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ConcussionsA concussion is an injury to the brain usually caused by a blow to the head. It may or may not involve a loss of consciousness, and usually causes a temporary alteration of mental status. A concussion may take 1-2 weeks or longer to recover from. Therefore, it is important that the patient be seen by a licensed health care provider who is trained in the management of concussions and also have a follow-up appointment for clearance prior to returning to learning and to athletics.

Central States Orthopedics is one of the few ImPACT Testing facilities in the Tulsa Area for the management of sport-related concussion. Additionally, Dr. Troy Glaser is the only Credentialed ImPact Clinician in the Tulsa Area. ImPACT Testing is a 20 minute computerized neurocognitive test that tests for memory, processing and reaction time, concentration, and non-verbal problem solving. Combined with a clinical evaluation from a healthcare professional trained in the evaluation and management of concussions, the ImPACT Test is the gold standard for concussions management for all levels of competition around the United States.

For more information about the ImPACT Test, or to schedule either a pre-session baseline exam, or a post concussion exam, contact the office of Dr. Troy Glaser at (918) 394-2767.

Parent/Guardian Concussion Take-Home FormParent/Guardian Concussion Take-Home Form

Returning to a School after a ConcussionReturning to a School after a Concussion

For more information on Concussions, Recovery and Return to Play, watch the video below

CSO Effective Management of Concussions



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