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Kathleen M. Sisler, M.D., Physiatrist

As a dedicated physician, volunteer and avid hiker, Dr. Kathleen Sisler knows how mobility, independence and pain can impact your quality of life. This understanding drives her commitment to helping Central States Orthopedics’ patients through her non-surgical specialty of physiatry.

Also referred to as Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R), physiatry focuses on the prevention and treatment of injuries and conditions, particularly involving nerves, muscles and bones, that cause disability or impairment.

“PM&R is a wonderful specialty because it combines orthopedics, neurology and pain management. It allows me to truly understand the patient and how their injury or medical issue impacts their life and independence.”

Dr. Sisler uses the latest in electrodiagnostic testing to evaluate and diagnose patients on-site at Central States Orthopedics main clinic location at 6585 South Yale. This includes Electromyography (EMG) testing and Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS).

“Often times, making the diagnosis requires a little medical detective work,” she explained.

Dr. Sisler takes the time to really listen to each patient, which enables her to provide thoroughly customized care. Her resulting treatment plans help patients with such conditions as back pain, shoulder pain, repetitive motion injuries and fibromyalgia.

“The high point of every patient relationship is helping people feel better and return to enjoying their lives,” she said.

And Dr. Sisler knows the value of high points in anything you do. She has a personal goal of climbing to the highest elevation in all 50 states. She has already stood tall in 12 of the most challenging states, including atop Mt. McKinley in Alaska and Mt. Rainier in Washington.

Dr. Sisler has been helping patients regain their quality of life with Central States Orthopedics since 2005. She received her medical degree from the University of Oklahoma after earning her undergraduate degree from Southern Methodist University.


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